I love creating photographic images and films.  The creative process is one that is constantly challenging me to push myself to be a better photographer and filmmaker.  This blog is a space for me to share my creative journey.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Amen Brutha! Excited about what He is doing in transforming you (those of us who believe in Him) and us into His likeness. God is good and is to be praised. I pray for safety, good health and a strong marriage for you and your wife in life.

    May He continue to bless you in this life….Kevin

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog… I really like it. You take great photos, and I’m enjoying reading about Korea… Those beach photos make me want to jump the next flight =)
    I’m interested- how did you find the teaching job?

  3. This is awesome Andrew. You grabbed my attention with CS Lewis’ title “til we have faces” and your bio intrigues me. Enjoy your journey with your wife and capture the heart of God at every turning point along the way. I may join you sometimes for this journey is long and companions are a much needed commodity. Peace to you in Christ. Reid

  4. Hello Andrew.
    I just found your blog about Thailand, esp Phuket and Phi phi. And I love those so much. I have a plan to go there.
    May I know, when did you go to phuket and phi phi last time?
    I’m afraid, it will be rainy season when I go there later. I saw your days was so sunny and beautiful in Phuket and phi phi.

    Waiting for your info. Thanks 🙂


    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it. It has taken me a while to put up these posts about Thailand because I’ve been busy with work. We went to Thailand in late February, and we didn’t have any rain. It was great! I hope you go when there is not much rain.

      • Great!
        Actually my plan to go there will be on February next year. You know, cheap flight ticket when you already booked on such a long time before, right?
        There’s a friend of mine is worrying on February will be rainy season on Thailand. But, Thank God, you went on last February and it was okay. I hope it will be okay next year. No rain at all! 🙂

        Thanks, Andrew.
        Cheers 🙂

  5. “Until we have faces”. Very beautiful image. Letting go of the concept of a destination. But the idea of having a face can be destination too. This path, this journey never ends (and never started). That is the ultimate miracle. Wonderful blog! Take good care…

  6. Your blog title gave me pause; The book by this title by C.S. Lewis is among the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. Your blog is an amazing work of art and I thank you for sharing it.

  7. Beautiful photos. I was in Angkor, November of 2011 and your pix bring back so many memories. After my sojourn there, I headed to Phnom Penh and a Habitat for Humanity week-long build constructing adobe houses for Cambodian families. Love that country.

  8. I found your blog today and I have enjoyed what I have read of it and plan to read more. Beautiful photographs. Your Title also intrigued me and peaked my interest. I am anticipating future post. God Bless you on your journey and keep you both safe.

  9. I’m really thrilled for finding your blog! It is encouraging to find a fellow believer who is also a great photographer. May God bless you and your family! =)

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