The Jewel in the Black Hill’s Crown

A crown isn’t really a crown without valuable jewels that signify why the one who wears it is important.  The Black Hills are South Dakota’s crown.  But the canyons known as Spearfish are the most significant jewel in this Dakota’s crown.  How many times can I use the word “crown” in a few short sentences?  Dang, that’s five times.  I’m OCD about over-using words, and now i’m off my point.  Recapture in you mind’s eye, if you will, the word “Jewel.”  NOT “crown.”  Crap, that’s six times…  Moving on from the analogy because I think you all get my point.  In other words, SPEARFISH IS LEGIT!

We were kind of let down in Keystone yesterday because of the gale-force winds.  But today the weather was perfect for our hiking in Spearfish!  We spent most of our time on the trails of Roughlock Falls.  It was a bit overcast in the morning which I knew would help with the long exposure shots I was hoping to get!

The wife and I enjoying Spearfish

There are actually two sets of waterfalls that are famous in Spearfish.  They are both known as Roughlock Falls, but they are accessed from two different trails.

Where the final scenes from ‘Dances with Wolves’ was filmed.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better day to see the Black Hill’s crown jewel.  The weather was great, the light was warm, and the landscapes are breath-taking.  Any visit to South Dakota isn’t complete without hiking in Spearfish.  We’re looking forward to tomorrow because we’ll drive a little over an hour into Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower.  Stay tuned!

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