Vintage Keystone

The wife and I recently took a short trip into the Black Hills of South Dakota on long weekend.  Our plan was to do some hiking in Custer State Park, then hit up Spearfish Canyon (known as the most beautiful area of the Black Hills), and finish up our trip hiking around Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

First on the agenda was the area of the Black Hills known as Keystone.  Our goal was to hike the ten-mile trek up to Harney Peak, which is the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains at 7,242 ft (2,207 m).  Unfortunately for us, the weather gods just weren’t permitting a safe trek.  40 mph winds with regular gusts up to 70 mph made balancing on rocky terrain extremely difficult.  Our plan B wasn’t nearly as exciting, but we made due with our situation and our desire to still see some of the landscape.  So we jumped in our car and made a slow stop-and-go route through Custer Park via the well-maintained roadways.

I opted to focus on improving my mobile photography skills, so I used my iPhone 4s to capture most of these images.  The image quality isn’t nearly as great, but the joy of simply taking pictures comes back in a nostalgic way since I didn’t have to think about all the manual adjustments I’m constantly making on my DSLR.

In an effort to not only capture Keystone through an iPhone, but to also capture the nostalgic joy of point-and-shoot photography, I edited all of these pictures in my iPhone with a vintage filter using the great Snapseed photo app.

It was nice to see the sites from the car, but it’s just not the same as being in the outdoors and hiking through this beautiful landscape.  Hopefully our hiking in Spearfish tomorrow will be met with calm winds!

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