Gyeongbokgung: Re-touched Print!

As I file through my photographs from two and a half years of living in Asia, I’m retouching my best shots and saving them as .tif files for my new website:

Today, I’ve retouched and re-edited this shot of Gyeongbokgung Palace, located in Seoul, South Korea.  This image was captured on a Canon T1i (500D) using a Tokina 11-16mm wide-angle lens, and a polarizer & ND filter.  In post-processing I combined three exposures of this image into an HDR, then created a monochrome image with Photoshop.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

For those of you who love Asia, and Asian culture, this would look great in your home or office!  You can buy prints on high quality archival photo-paper or canvas, as well as personal and rights-managed downloads here!

7 thoughts on “Gyeongbokgung: Re-touched Print!

  1. beautiful work. I love the use of the ND filter. Sorry, im assuming thats how you did it but otherwise its a stunning photo. Great work.

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