Instagram Gallery…Opening soon with your help!!

Hello blog followers!  As you may (or may not) know, I’m currently building a website to feature my photography in high-resolution for sale of prints and downloads.  I’m taking baby steps into the world of professional photography to see if I can make a living through freelance and stock travel and landscape photography.  I hope to have the official launch of this site within the week.  Here’s an example of one of the prints that will be available:

Monks Approaching Angkor Wat

Coinciding with my website launch is my entry into the world of iPhone photography.  I’ve been blown away with the quality of shots I’m able to get with my iPhone 4s and am therefore attempting to start an Instagram gallery where my mobile photography will be available to purchase on canvas prints.

A recent shot of a midwest landscape I took with the iPhone 4s.

However, I need your help!  My Instagram gallery can only be opened through fan requests!  Please visit my gallery URL and simply click “Request Gallery Opening.”  Click here or on the image above or below to help me!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Click to help Lee Phelps Photography launch an Instagram gallery!


Thanks in advance for all your help!  Stay tuned for the launch of my new website and gallery!

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