Seoul Singer & A New Project

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  Just as writers have writer’s block, so do photographers face the blank canvas of composition.  The question keeps running through my mind: how do I follow-up on a photographic journey through Cambodia and Vietnam?  It feels like being the next contestant on Britain’s Got Talent  following the now famous Susan Boyle.  Fact is, it’s nearly impossible to follow a Susan Boyle moment.  I’m not claiming my last posts were nearly as AMAZING as Boyle’s discovery  (watch it here), only that following an amazing trip I had the privilege to photograph puts me up against a wall.

Yet, it’s good to come down from the mountain sometimes.  The valleys challenge us to grow and push into what now seems impossible.  This trip and the positive feedback from all my great blog readers has encouraged me to build a personal online website with my best and continuing work.  This new project to share my travel and landscape photography with the option to download and/or print will hopefully enable me to travel and share more than before.

As I’ve been going back through all of my archives to prep my images for my upcoming webpage, I came across some photographs I took in Seoul, Korea of an amazing little woman.  Being close to this great city has provided us the opportunity to visit on numerous occasions, and we often find this woman faithfully singing songs out of her soul.

As a Christian, I do believe in the importance of sharing my faith.  But I have been repulsed by those that stand on street corners damning people to Hell with bull horns, treating humans as objects rather than sacred beings loved deeply by God.

But I can get on board with this woman.  She’s simply singing from her heart what she holds to be true.  Honest music speaks louder than demeaning eternal predictions.

Thanks to everyone who has read and encouraged me to start this new project. May your souls be full of good music that leads you closer to the truth of who you are and why you are.

I hope to have the new webpage up in around a month.  Everyone who follows this blog will be the first to know!

6 thoughts on “Seoul Singer & A New Project

  1. Grandma is loving deeply what ever she is singing. Love the black and white picture, expressive.

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