Lazy Days On Phu Quoc Island

“Explore and Rest,” this was our winter goal.  Exploring the temples of Angkor in Cambodia was unforgettable and worth every dollar.  However awesome this experience was, it left us worn out.  Leg two of our journey would complete the second half of our winter ambitions.  Unlike our extensive research and planning for Cambodia, we planned only one thing for Phu Quoc, Vietnam:   where we would stay.

Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh,  Ho Chi Minh  to Phu Quoc, and Phu Quoc Airport to Mango Bay Resort:

Arriving in the Late afternoon.

With nothing planned, we settled in to fulfill our goal of this half of our vacation:  rest!  Mango Bay is an eco-friendly resort that sits on the west coast of Vietnam’s largely undeveloped Phu Quoc Island.  Our thatched-roof hut was clean and sophisticated, while being sensitive to the natural environment.  The lack of air-condition didn’t matter to us because we had a fan and the cool ocean breeze to chill the nights.  One of the best parts of our accommodation was our outdoor bathroom.  Some of you may immediately think of a hillbilly outhouse, but this was attached to the backside of our hut with a high privacy fence and exotic jungle trees and plants surrounding.

Outdoor Bathroom!

If you’re looking for a ton of action, this is not the place for you.  Mango Bay is secluded far from any modern establishments.  Its beaches are clean, the water is pristine and while relaxing in the beach chairs, the only sounds you’ll hear are natural ones.  The resort does provide equipment for water sports if you get bored relaxing, as well as excursions around the island if you’re getting cabin fever.

Our days at Mango Bay (aside from one tour of the island) could be categorized into eight basic movements. 1. An awesome breakfast at the beach-side restaurant.  2. Reading, laying, or swimming at the beach.  3.  Lunch on the beach.  4. More relaxing. 5. Watching the sunset. 6. Dinner. 7. Hanging out on our porch and reading or writing while watching geckos scale our hut walls looking for mosquitos. 8.  To bed under our mosquito net.

To Bed Under our Mosquito Net

Here’s to lazy days at the beach, from sun light to sun set.

Welcoming Rest

Anchored in Pristine Waters

Yellow Streaks and a Long Exposure

Dusk Is At Hand

Another Lazy Day

Calm Waters

The Sun Sets On Another Day

Mango Bay & A New Day

Exploring Further Beaches

Sunsets Never Get Old.

Once you have the heart of an explorer, you’ll always have the heart of an explorer.  It’s why travel is so addicting for some.  After three days of lazy lounging and rest, we had a bit of cabin fever, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to see more of this amazing island.  Keep posted for our explorations around Phu Quoc!

11 thoughts on “Lazy Days On Phu Quoc Island

  1. Wow, the first thing that made me amazed is the bathroom! Imagine using it, that would be awesome!
    But the water took my mind afterwards, here we do have a beach, stuffed with tourists, there it seems that the place is just made for me! Should make someone take me there someday.

    Amazing pictures by the way [:

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