Scenes From Cambodia

Our primary reason for visiting Cambodia were the temples of Angkor, but traveling around Siem Reap proved to be a worthwhile experience in and of itself:

Taken from our tuk tuk as we passed.

Avoiding the floods on stilts.

Watching the water buffalo.

A House and a welcome photo-bomber.

The end of the workday commute.

Three Generations and One scooter.

Dessert...Yes, I think so.

Corner Shop

Land of the tuk tuks

Before we left for this trip, we were most excited to see the crown jewels of Khmer culture: Angkor.  As our trip came to an end, we realized that what we will miss most are the people.  All the Cambodians we met were full of generosity and hospitality unmet by many other wealthier nations.  This is in fact, the best part of travel: seeing life from various perspectives, and being surprised at how unfound our fears of different people really are.  More often than not, travel dispels fear and gives birth to new love for the amazing life all around us!  New love was indeed born in us for Cambodia and her people.

8 thoughts on “Scenes From Cambodia

  1. I agree with mrsbr! The Khmer people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met, and the country itself is lovely. I so want to return! Great photos!

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