Cambodia, Vietnam & 58 gigs.

We’ve just returned from two weeks exploring Cambodia and Vietnam!  Cambodia is rich in culture and home to the most hospitable people we’ve ever had the pleasure meeting.  Phu Quoc, Vietnam is an undeveloped paradise.  After traversing these two great countries and recording as much as possible behind my lens, my computer is bogged down with 58 new gigabytes of media information.  Raw images, time-lapses and .mov files galore.  Needless to say, I’ll be busy for a while, but as I complete sets or series of images and video, I’ll post them here.  Here’s a bit of a taste for what’s to come!

One face of the many at Bayon.

One of the best things about our location in Vietnam was that we faced the ocean to the west.  Thus, our days always ended with the sunset.  Here’s a short fifteen second time-lapse that will later be added to a longer video.  It’s my first attempt at a sunset time-lapse, so please forgive some of the exposure errors.  Enjoy!

If you notice in this clip, we had to brave a short thirty minute rain shower.  I stood under a thatched umbrella and covered my camera with a beach towel in hopes that the wind wouldn’t blow a drop of rain across my lens.  I also figured the rain shower would ruin the video, but it actually added a great dramatic touch.

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