A lens is kinda like a person…

A lens is kinda like a person…in that to truly appreciate all that they are, you have to get to know them.  Every person, like every lens has strengths and weaknesses, gifts and limitations.  There are obviously major differences between the two, but the analogy is helpful to deliver my point:  I got a new lens, and when I put it on my camera, I had to learn its strengths and limitations if I wanted to get great images.

Why did I need  want a new lens?  Well because I’m going to explore the Angkor temples in Cambodia next week! Duh!  Plus, my current lens arsenal lacks a good telephoto for getting up close to subjects that are out of reach.  Thus, after finagling my legally purchased lens (purchased more cheaply from the U.S.) from Korean immigration, and paying what should be an illegal import tax of 20%, I needed to get familiar with the glass I hope will capture some stunning images.

For those photo geeks like myself, I purchased the Canon 15-85mm f/3.5 to 5.6 IS USM lens…and here are some of my practice shots.  They come from the Buddhist temple near my apartment.

A lens, kinda like a person, will reveal their beauty and gifts in astounding ways as you come to know them more and more…but the key is that you have to take the time to do so.

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