Nostalgic for Europe Part III: Switzerland

There are few countries that compare to Switzerland in natural beauty, and even fewer that compare in cleanliness.  I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of places around the world, and it is, hands down, one of the cleanest countries I’ve ever visited.  Our home base was a small village called Trasadingen.  Here again, thanks to some great networks, we were able to stay for free.  It was a kind of trade-off, as the family that we were painting for, was also the family putting us up in their home.

When we were waiting for canvases or layers of paint to dry, we would take trips to nearby towns or cities to breath in some of the Swiss culture. In Stein am Rhein we strolled through this medieval walled city on the Rhein River while taking in the sites.  From Schaffhausen  we viewed the city at night from the old fortress walls of Munot.  And in the memorable city of Lucerne we traveled into the Swiss Alps to see the world from the top of Mt. Pilatus.

Exploring in Trasadingen


Stein Am Rhein


Schaffhausen as seen from Munot


The Swans of Lucerne


Climbing Mt. Pilatus


A View from Mt. Pilatus

Nostalgic is a word people use to describe something in their past that they remember with fondness.  This is a feeling that some people use to escape their present reality.  But my nostalgia is based in gratitude for the experiences of traveling in Europe and meeting its diverse cultures and beautiful people.

While there may be a hint of me trying to escape my present reality of a cold winter in Korea, I still try to practice gratitude for the moment by moment adventure of life I’m currently living.  Thanks for following along on my short jaunt down memory lane.  I hope you enjoyed!

5 thoughts on “Nostalgic for Europe Part III: Switzerland

  1. I know I’m just mom…but I hope you are able to see the incredible gifts God has placed within you. Not just your artistic ability with the photography, but also your heartfelt use of words. I love you.

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