New, Cleaner Look & an HDR.

Those of you who visit my blog may be taken aback at the change in scenery.  My blog has become more and more a photo blog, and as I am always trying to provide the best viewing experience, I felt like I needed to dramatically adjust the colors and design of this blog to help complement my photographs.  So, here you have it.  Nothing special, but simple and clean, while still allowing for a large viewing area.

I don’t want this post to be a complete bore, so here’s a photo I haven’t posted!

I took this over two years ago while still living in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.  This is an image that I took when I was studying the technique of HDR.  This is three exposures of the same factory, but at different exposure levels.  Then I combined the three images later to get the more dramatic light effects.

An Abandoned Brewery in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA

If you want to learn more about HDR, then check out this article.

Let me know if you like the new blog look!

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