Galbi: Instructions for the best Korean food ever.

If you’ve never experienced Asian food besides Chinese, you may be inclined to think any and all food from Asia is like the Americanized Panda Express.  But Korean food is vividly distinct from Chinese, Japanese or other Asian cuisine.  Koreans pride themselves on their colorful and unique traditional diet.  It’s spicy, healthy and obsessively fresh…and many avoid processed food like the plague.  It took me a little while to adjust to such a different diet, but I’ve come to enjoy it for the most part.  However, I do not love all food equally.  I have a favorite…and it is the life-changing experience of Korean Galbi.

Let me take you on a walk-through of how to enjoy the best Korean food ever.

Step One: Select your meat. Typical options are beef or pork. This is beef.


Step Two: Grill your meat over the fire in middle of your table. Maybe throw some garlic cloves or kimchi on for added pleasure.

Step Three: Take an inventory of your side dishes to see what can be combined with the meat to create a glorious experience of taste.

Kimchi Bean Sprouts: Sprouts fermented in a spicy sauce.


Left: Red sweet and spicy sauce. Right: marinated onions (good enough to eat by themselves).


Lettuce: for wrapping all the ingredients together.

Step Four: Add all your favorite ingredients together in a leaf of lettuce.

Combine meat, red sauce, onions, bean sprouts, and rice in lettuce.

Step Five: Fold your lettuce and enjoy!

Sorry for the blurry friend was so excited to enjoy this that he couldn't hold still long enough for my exposure 😉


If you haven’t had the opportunity for Galbi, take the first opportunity you have to try it!

2 thoughts on “Galbi: Instructions for the best Korean food ever.

    • And I’m sure you would enjoy the non-meat sides! There are also vegetarians in Korea, but you are right, most Korean dishes involve meat of some sort. But they also have many unique ways of preparing vegetables.

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