Albania: Land of the Eagle

The red background with the black silhouette of a double-headed eagle on their flag is a powerful symbol; fitting for a country that has suffered a long history of oppression but has in this generation become a place of freedom.  With the fall of communism in 1992,  Albania has been rebuilding herself from the inside-out through the strength of a free,  patriotic and hospitable people.

The mountain city of Kruja, with a view of the Adriatic Sea in the background.

I had the privilege to travel to Albania in 2005, but have never blogged about it, and as I’ve been in a nostalgic longing for this beautiful country, I thought it was about time to share some of my photos from the two months I was there.

The remains of an ancient castle in Kruja.

Remains of Skanderbeg's castle. Kruja

I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Albania through the support of a great church community, and while there participated with some amazing Albanian people in sharing the love of God.

The Monastery Ardenicia

A man in Durrës, with the Adriatic as a backdrop.

On our days free, we had the opportunity to travel through many of Albania’s best cities and take in the local culture.

Driving through the capital of Tiranë

Albania is predominantly Muslim, however it seems to be more of an ethnic background than a religious practice as much of the population is secular in their beliefs.

Smoking near Tiranë's Mosque.

Horseback riding in the mountains of Tiranë.

No matter which city we visited, the beauty of the scenery was everywhere.  Nowhere more so than in Vlorë.  This city on the southwest coast boasts some amazing beaches and turquoise clear water.

Vlorë, where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea.

In 2005, when I visited, I knew one day I would have to go back.  And it seems that Lonely Planet naming Albania the top country to visit in 2011 is a sign that I need to visit soon.

5 thoughts on “Albania: Land of the Eagle

  1. Been there myself last year. It’s so beautiful especially in the south of the country in the Albanian Riviera where tourist have the opportunity to see miles of uspoilt coastline which is almost unherad of in the rest of Europe. I highly recommend to visit this beautiful country.

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