The Wall…Revisited

I took so many pictures on our trip to China in September 2010, that I only focused on editing the best of the best for this blog.  Being a bit bored today after I was finished teaching, I started going through the raw photos to see if maybe I missed anything good.  To my surprise, I believe I did.  After two days of hiking up and down unrestored sections of the Great Wall, we ended our trek on the restored Mutianyu.

5 thoughts on “The Wall…Revisited

  1. I am so jealous that you had a clear day! I am in the process of writing my posts on my trip to the Wall a couple of weeks ago and it was smoggy beyond belief. I am so sad. Oh well. Did you do the unrestored section at Jiantou? That was where we started our crazy 2.5 hour hike UP the wall. It was very rugged and I had to use my hands and fingers to pull me up by grasping rocks and spare tree branches. Yet it was amazing!

    • We hiked for two days. On day one we hiked from Huang Hua Cheng to Xi Shu Yu, and on day two we did the hike you described: Jiankou to Mu Tian Yu. The first day we had a completely clear day, and our guide told us that that barely ever happens. But day two to Mu Tain Yu was significantly more smoggy. The only reason I was able to get shots like these on day two was because I put my polarizer filter on my lens to cut through some of the smog…but if you look at the background you can still see a lot of it. I was disappointed as you were…but also thought it was still amazing. I actually appreciated the unrestored sections of Jiankou more than the crowded Mu Tian Yu. You can check out some of the more clear shots from day one here:

      Thanks for your comments!

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