Screaming with the color of meaning…

The most intense experiences in life revolve around the door of death.  Literally and metaphorically, this is true.  The absolute immensity and value of life weigh heavier on us in no other time than when we are by the bed of a loved one passing.  Life must seem even more vivid to the one standing on the doorstep of death.

Yet, we all must die many deaths throughout our lives.  We must die to our youth to embrace our adulthood.  We must die to our selfish consumption of time to give life and support to our children.  The addict must admit powerlessness to find true life and true Power.  The one who desires relationship with the selfless God, must learn to die to selfish ambitions. On and on we are called to die.  But death is only a passage…

And at these intense moments of life on the verge of death, the colors of meaning scream the most clearly.

So it is with the seasons.  Autumn is a time of life screaming with the color of meaning on the verge of death…but winter never lasts forever…for spring is coming…



…yes, spring is coming.

6 thoughts on “Screaming with the color of meaning…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve experienced much death in the last few years…but above it all God has taught me He is the giver of life, if we submit our lives to Him. I have come to see my pain and suffering as a blessing…for it’s there that I feel closest to God.

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