A Thursday night at the ball game…

Baseball is the great American past time.  Unfortunately for the world, it doesn’t have much popularity outside of the U.S….except for in Korea.  And Koreans LOVE it.  They are crazy about it.  On a Thursday night, one wouldn’t expect much of a crowd, but Korean’s are always there to support and cheer on their favorite team.  In fact, I might dare to say they’re more passionate about their teams than Americans are.

Why might I think this?  Three reasons:

1. They have cheerleaders.

2. When the home team is up to bat it’s impossible to hold a conversation with the person next to you because the crowd and yell leaders are so insanely loud.

3. EACH player that comes to bat has their OWN SPECIAL CHANT that everyone in the stands seems to know.

6 thoughts on “A Thursday night at the ball game…

  1. I love baseball! And I love this post! Folks in Japan love it like crazy, too. And the love for it in countries like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba is second to none.

    Gorgeous shot. Baseball fields are one of my favorite things in the entire world. My husband and I love to get their early to watch them “groom the field” with tractors and line the base paths. There’s nothing prettier than the green grass at the beginning of the season!!!

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