Preserving culture is about not forgetting.

South Korea went from a third world economy to the thirteenth wealthiest country in the world in a matter of fifty years.  This explosion of growth brought with it fear.  Fear of loosing track of who the Koreans were, and the struggles they went through.  This is a healthy fear.  It’s important for us all to not forget where we came from so that we can build better lives for us and our children.

As a result of this need to remember, many Korean folk villages have been set up around the country.  These are outdoor villages that simulate how life was before the dramatic changes of the modern world.

Suwon Folk Village is one of these places, and it’s a great place to experience the past ways of life that still influences modern Korean culture.

Life within the home:

A Window into a life past.

Layers of a thatched roof.

Inside a traditional home.

Kimchi Pots: used for storing the spicy pickled & fermented dish that is a staple to the Korean diet.

 Life outside the home:

A doorway out.

The dance that expresses what words cannot.

Preserving the trade. A pipe maker.

Regardless of your religious perceptions, everyone is religious. Everyone worships something. What do you worship?

Art is often an expression of worship. Everything we do is an expression of who or what we worship.

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