Three Days by the Sea: Part 2

It’s a bit of a paradox about my two favorite things in Busan.  The first, as I said in my last post is the serene Haedong Younggungsa Temple.  The second is the pulsating Jagalchi Fish Market.  If being near the sea reminds me of how small I am, than exploring the fish market reminds me of how the sea also provides sustenance for life.

Every form of sea life for sale in the market came off of one of these boats.  Much of it is still alive and kicking, or should I say flapping?  Roam the narrow streets of the market and buy live octopus, squid, eel, or various different fish, and the sweet old ajummas (older women who tend to wear flower patterned pants or shirts) will kill and cook it up fresh right in front of you.

Albeit, not every octopus killer is an ajumma.  Men are there too, they just represent the minority of vendors.

Sea worms anyone?  We’ll prepare ’em any way you want ’em!

Raw fish becomes….

…whole cooked fish!  Unless of course you want it raw.  Try eating those with chopsticks.  Bones, eyes and all.  I still haven’t mastered it when it’s served for our school lunches.

How can such a pretty lady be so good at gutting fish?

I wonder if the red gloves keep the fishy smell from saturating her hands.

If you walk far enough, there’s an imaginary line one crosses at Jagalchi market.  Once across, sea life gives way to stalls and stalls of fresh produce.

You know, if you think about it, many wars could be averted and peace attained if hungry people were fed.

To avert the war in our own stomaches, we couldn’t leave the market without trying their seafood buffet.  Miniature octopus anyone?

Why yes, I think I will.

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