Recommended by a friend of mine who is a writer himself, I picked up my first ever graphic novel.  “Blankets” by Craig Thompson is beautifully drawn and written.  At almost 600 pages, I thought it’d take me a while to get through, but the story was so engaging, and the graphics so well drawn and harmonized with the story that I had a hard time putting it down.  I met the end within three days of light reading.

I was a bit leery about reading a graphic novel when I first picked it up as I highly respect the mind’s ability to imagine environments and situations without the aid of visuals.  This is why books are so often better than movies.  The imagination is incredible.  But I was pleasantly surprised by Thompson’s ability to harmonize literature and 2D art.  His artistic ability in drawing alone is worth picking up this book.

Ultimately it’s a story of coming of age, struggling through a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, and first love.  It’s heart wrenching in it’s honesty and humble in its search for truth.  I loved it, and plan on reading more graphic novels because my first one was such a good experience.  You can check out Craig Thompson’s blog here.

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