Spent a few days by the sea…

We’ve been traveling around Korea with my wife’s parents, and just got back from a few days spent by the sea in Busan (sometimes spelled Pusan).  We’ve still more adventures and traveling ahead of us, but here are a few shots to wet your appetite.  More to come soon!

We couldn’t visit Busan without making a pilgrimage to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, where the views of a temple sitting on rocks over the sea are beautiful and yet painful.  Beautiful for the serenity, but painful for the sun exposure to my pale white skin.  The sun reflecting off the blue green water in the early morning fried the unbeknownst photographer as he explored the crags for the perfect composition.

The temple by the sea was serene, but Jagalchi Fish Market was where all the action…and smells were.  But be careful…the ajummas running that place are tough as nails.  In case you’re wondering what an Ajumma (아줌마) is : A term used to address an adult female individual of married age and/or runs a business or restaurant. The stereotypical ‘ajumma’ image is that of a short, stocky, tough old woman who wears purple pants and flower patterned shirts (source).

More photos to come soon!

4 thoughts on “Spent a few days by the sea…

    • Thank you! Every photo I take is an attempt at harmony between subject and background/foreground in hopes that the photo will lead the viewer’s eyes on a journey through the image.

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