In case you’re wondering…

In case you’re wondering, the new header for my blog is a photo I took while hiking the Great Wall of China in September of 2010.  You can view more of my photos from that trip here. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering…

  1. How long of a trip did you do? China is actually the next one I’m hoping to do and want to do a trek on the Great Wall. Any tour operators or guides you suggest? How much time did it take? Love the pictures! 🙂

  2. We were on holiday for the Korean Cheosok (Thanksgiving) so it was a short trip of five days. But our main reason for going was the two day hike we took on the Great Wall. It was an awesome hike (but tough) as we hiked on many non-tourist parts of the wall that haven’t been restored, so we had loose stone and overgrown vegetation to navigate as we climbed. But the struggle was worth the panoramic views.

    We booked our tour with Great Wall Adventure Club:

    and we were greatly satisfied. Our guide was a very friendly native Chinese woman that spoke fluent English.

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