It has begun…

After years of talking about it, I finally set the ball rolling.  As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to learn guitar, but for one reason or another, I didn’t.  Well, the planets seemed to align for me this year, as a few different things came together to make the opportunity available…one being this month is my birthday!

I had no experience whatsoever, so when a friend I met in Korea, who loves playing guitar, said he’d help me shop for one, I was REALLY excited.  We decided to make it a double date with our wives, and on a Friday evening after work, we took the metro to Songtan for guitar shopping and Thai food.

My friend, who is also an English teacher in Korea, proved to have the traits of a good teacher when we entered the guitar shop.  He taught me how to listen for the difference in tones and the feel of the fingers on the fretboard between low and high-end guitars.  After trying out several acoustic-electric guitars, we sat down with an Ibanez that was right in my price range, and which sounded and felt great.  After the shop owner went down fifty bucks on the guitar, I was pretty certain I’d found a great guitar to start on.  My friend asked the owner if he’d throw in a free case and capo, and he said yea… a great plus.

Being the good husband that I am ;-), I knew I had to talk to the wife first, and I thought for sure she’d say “no.”  We asked the owner what time he was closing, and then left to find our wives (who hadn’t stayed around to experience the joy of guitar shopping).

As we were walking to the Thai restaurant, I talked with Jill privately, and she gave me the ‘OK’ to buy it (woo hoo!), but I still wasn’t sure.  Over our Pad Thai, we all discussed the pros and cons, and I made the decision to take the dive.

After dropping the money at the guitar shop, the owner packed my guitar in its new case, and we all headed back to Songtan station and I felt that all was good with the world.  Good friends, the best wife, and a new meaningful hobby to hopefully share when I can actually play something.

My new guitar! I composed the image like this to represent all the details I have to learn in order to play well.

It has begun…my guitar relationship that is.  After doing some online research, I found a great website ( to learn my new instrument from the ground up.  I’m basically taking lessons, and learning scales and chords right now.  My left-hand fingertips are still raw, but it’s a good pain.

If you’re a seasoned guitar player, please bestow me with thou wisdom!  In other words, what helped you learn?

6 thoughts on “It has begun…

  1. Once your calluses start to build up it stops hurting, so keep on playin! Find a few songs you like to play with simple chords (G,C,A, Am, Em, E) If you like worship music, “rockin with the cross” is a great place to start and you can convert any song into the chord structure you know best. (just capo up or down) Just DON’T STOP, keep learning new chords and working on your strumming patterns!

  2. I’m thrilled for you Andy (and Jill, who is patiently awaiting the love song)…and I love the picture of your guitar, it’s beautiful.

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