Photo Fridays!

For today’s Photo Friday, I went back four years into my archives to pull up an image I took in 2007 while on a trip to Paris.  I shot this at night while we were exploring the streets and alleyways near Notre Dame.

As I said last Friday: Art, like words are meaningless unless they’re shared and interpreted.  I’m sharing; please interpret.  Listen, look, feel, and tell…  I’m not asking for critique.  I’m asking for you to simply share how the photo impacts you. Thanks!

Note: Click for a larger view!

A rainy evening in Paris.

When I shot this I was trying to capture a unique perspective of the people wandering the alleys.  It was close to dinner, so many were out walking with friends looking for a place to wet their appetites.  From the moment I examined this exposure on my camera’s LCD I fell in love with it.

It’s perspective on time and convergence of people are what pull me into the photo.  All the people rushing about, brushing up against strangers as they move towards their desired destination.  All these life journeys converging at one point in time.  A woman with an umbrella, street lights guiding her way.  Does she stop to take notice of how blessed she is to be alive?  Does she sense a solidarity with her fellow human beings, though she knows them not?  Does she realize that we’re all connected?  We all have a role to play in this story.  What role will she play?  What role will she choose?  What role will I choose?

3 thoughts on “Photo Fridays!

  1. Interesting pic, but I enjoy seeing people a little more clearly. The expressions on their faces and how they are engaging the world. It just leaves too many unknowns in my mind. It’s also rather dark and shadowy and that stirs feelings of uncertainty also.

  2. I recently prayed that God would show me true beauty…He answered my prayer rather quickly. Thinking I would be in awe of a sunset or a flower…He revealed beauty to me in people. Everyone has a story, everyone knows heartache…not everyone knows joy. Now I stop to look for beauty in people and if I see suffering, my heart’s desire is to bring some kind of comfort. I love that you captured such a crowd, it truly makes me want to know the thoughts that are racing through their minds…the things that keep them so occupied they miss who is walking right past them.

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