Photo Fridays

Blogging in my experience can be a lonely one-way street.  Motivated to share thoughts and experiences with others only to be rarely responded to can sometimes feel like talking to a brick wall.  BUT, I keep on posting for those of you who engage in conversation with me…and I still love those of you who don’t talk to me!  So, in an attempt to make blogging more of a two-way street, I’ve decided to start having a weekly post called “Photo Fridays.”

In these posts, I will search my photographic archives for photos that I’ve taken that speak to my soul, and share them with you.  I will tell you how they speak to me, but I want YOU to tell me how they speak and make you feel.  However, if they bring up a difficult memory or feeling, I encourage you to find someone you trust and talk to them about it.

Art, like words are meaningless unless they’re shared and interpreted.  I’m sharing; please interpret.  Listen, look, feel, and tell…  I’m not asking for critique.  I’m asking for you to simply share how the photo impacts you.

Thanks in advance.  Click the photo for a larger view.  Enjoy!

Fishing In the Storm.

I took this photo in the summer of 2010 perched on a rock off the coast of Busan, South Korea.  It was raining, and I had to rig an umbrella over my camera and tripod.  I used a polarizer filter to stop down my camera for a long exposure to capture the movement of the water.

This photo speaks to me of the storms that rage against our souls when we’re trying to attain something worth having.  The man in the photo is keeping on with his fishing even as the rain, wind, and waves pound against him.  I once read a quote somewhere that said: “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.”  This is how I feel when I’m trying to grow in my spirituality and relationship with God.  My poor habits and choices rage against me when I’m trying to grow.  But I think if we’re willing to weather the storm, instead of running from it, our rough surfaces will be smoothed as we stay with it, and in the calm after the storm, we come that much closer to God, and find that God was with us even when we felt utterly alone and ravaged.

What are your mental, emotional, and spiritual interpretations of this photo?

9 thoughts on “Photo Fridays

  1. Harsh! Standing in the rain and surf and taking a beating to fish. Dedication! Applying oneself despite the pain. Loving something enough to face the harsh elements to enjoy it. Metaphorical – facing the storms of life despite our desire to retreat and hide.

    Looking forward to Photo Fridays.

  2. Nothing worth having comes easy…that’s what this photo makes me think about. I think how I sit here in my office, and complain about how mundane my work is and how bored I am with life, blah, blah, blah and then I see something like this and it puts it all into perspective. Maybe I don’t literally have to battle the storm to catch a fish but that is the journey I need to make in order to reap the rewards I seek. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great shot! I love the composition and the softness of the water. It works wonderfully in B&W. I think if you love what you do, you’ll do it no matter what you have to go through and how many obstacles stand in your way.

  4. It’s funny, but the waves and rocks make me feel calm, so this picture speaks more of serenity to me than of fight. Waves crashing in and beautiful rocks with the lines that tell their history are some of my favourite photo subjects.

  5. I was watching the Discovery channel…they have a new series called, “Human Planet”, similar to the other series they had called, “Planet Earth”. (Hope you can watch them). On this particular episode they were showing people who survive around water, but also the force it contains. They told about man who HAS to face harsh and rocky shores to catch fish…to feed his family. I thought instantly of this photo and it reminded me that it’s the storms and harsh elements of this life that produce fruit, or in this case fish.

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