Random Happenings at a Strawberry Festival.

Saturday morning came upon us like a wave of berry goodness.  Why?  Because we were about to experience the Nonsan Strawberry Festival for the first time in our lives!  Nonsan is famous all over Korea for their delicious strawberries that come into season in early spring.

At Choenan station, we met up with some friends to catch our 08:50 train towards Nonsan.  We boarded our train, nestled into our seats, and before I could look up from my enthralling read of “1984,” we had arrived.

One of the effects of living in Korea as a foreigner is that you learn to live and behave very spontaneously.  In school, schedules aren’t set until a week or two into the semester, and often plans and lessons are changed the day of.  To survive with your sanity, you must learn to be okay with flying by the seat of your pants.

Such was true of our company when we got to Nonsan.  None of us had planned ahead to know how to get from the station to the festival.  But we weren’t worried about it; this is how we’ve learned to live and travel in Korea.  After a lot of flailing of the arms and broken Korean/English conversation, we found out from an employee at the station how to arrive at our destination.  Luckily, the strawberry goodness was only a short fifteen-minute walk from our current location.

We knew we were getting closer when the density of people grew and grew until the bright red strawberry-shaped balloons welcomed us from the sky.  Just below their happy floating presence was a big field filled with people, tents, strawberry mascots, TONS of bright red strawberries, anything that can be made with strawberries, and lots of other utterly unrelated things such as two ferocious black bears, and sweet Korean women trying to trick us into getting our fingers pricked to check our blood-sugar level for diabetes.

...below their happy floating presence...


Like little kids within sight of the playground, our hearts filled with joy when we began to take in all the random happenings at Nonsan Strawberry Festival:

Strawberries have mascots too!

You just can't go wrong with strawberry mascots.

This is our impression of Korean males posing for a photo. Lots of touching! Bromance.

Strawberry Goodness.

Making strawberry jam.

Strawberry smoothies, and chocolate-covered strawberries! Side note: it was a bit muddy from early rain.

And now for the utterly unrelated things at the festival…


Our friend was tricked into getting his finger pricked to check for diabetes. Luckily he’s good.
Then we saw some ferocious black bears…and felt sad for them…
…a massive beetle trying to escape the beetle farm…
…and a pretty bird calmly watching.

However, my favorite photo from the day came when we were leaving, and we ventured into a market looking for some ice cream.  I saw this older woman selling some vegetables, and for some reason my soul is always drawn to the elderly, so I bent down and asked if I could take her picture, to which she kindly obliged.


A kind woman selling vegetables.

3 thoughts on “Random Happenings at a Strawberry Festival.

  1. Last year I went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival here in Texas. It was disappointing. It seems Korea really knows how to throw down when it comes to strawberries!

    Thank you for sharing this- I loved the pictures!

    • Well, Koreans do love their festivals. They seem to have a festival for anything under the sun. Last weekend we also went to a cherry blossom festival since they’re blooming all over Korea right now. They even had a sweet fireworks show to celebrate! Pics to come soon.

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