Thailand: Day 7

Thailand: Day 7

It was bittersweet to get up this morning knowing that we had to leave this paradise that we’d come to love.  After a delicious breakfast of omelets and pancakes we spent the rest of the morning until noon trying to take in our last memories of Phi Phi Don as best as we could by soaking in the quiet beach scenery.  The sun was bright and the water turquoise and warm.

This was the resident dog at our resort.

Lunch on the beach.

Our last view of Phi Phi Don...

We ate our lunch at the resort’s restaurant, then took a longtail to the pier at one o’clock, but weren’t able to board a ferry until two.  The ferry departed Phi Phi Don at two-thirty and we made it back to Phuket right around five.  We finally stopped traveling at close to five forty-five when our taxi dropped us off at Southern Fried Rice Guesthouse.

Terje and Anunya, who we’ve come to adore, greeted us like parents who’ve missed us and asked us how everything went.  We talked for a while about our experiences before going out for dinner.

Afterward we had coffee and then did some souvenir shopping for family before calling it a day.  It wasn’t too much of a packed day, but the travel seemed to zap the energy out of us.

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