Thailand: Day Four

Thailand: Day Four.

Jill woke up feeling much better, thanks be to God.  However she did say she wasn’t feeling 100% back just yet.  But she wanted to go out for the day, so we ate a light breakfast, and then hopped on a bus that was headed to Phuket Town.  It was a cheap thirty Baht, but an incredibly S L O W ride, and it took us nearly an hour to get to our destination.

Bus Taxi: 30 Baht. Cheap but S L O W !

On the bus taxi to Phuket Town

Phuket Town is the main city in Phuket.  It’s old, but full of character and color.  I’m not sure how many people who live in Thailand actually live here, but the demographic seems to be largely native Thai people.

It was a HOT day, and since Jill’s stomach was still throwing her for loops periodically, we decided to take it slow, and make our trip short.

It was HOT so we stopped for some water.

A portrait of the king of Thailand and his SWEET tie.

Chickens for sale and ready for a cock fight. Do you see the way they're staring me down?

We came across an idol of the Hindu god Ganesha in progress.

Cool Cat in Phuket Town

After exploring the streets of Phuket Town for a while, we stopped at Circle Café (which is owned by an expatriate) for lunch.  We couldn’t find anywhere else as many stores seemed to be closed since it was the hottest time of the day.  I wish we had waited to find somewhere else because our lunch was terrible.  I ordered a chicken sandwich and Jill ordered a salad.  My chicken was a crappy patty of frozen processed chicken that looked as if it had been warmed in a microwave.  Jill’s salad was okay, but nothing worth taking more than a few bites of.

After lunch we walked around aimlessly (while kind of hoping we were headed in the direction of a temple we saw on a map), but sometimes when you have no real direction, you see cool sites and scenes like these:

Colorful Apartments

Old School Land Rover

Jill sat down for a rest, and I saw the perfect composition!

Stray Chillin in Phuket Town

We stumbled into Phuket Town’s Thai Buddhist temple by a happy accident.  We thought we were headed in the right direction to find it, but we had given up hope half an hour ago.  Shortly after I spotted this dog, I saw the roof of a temple at the end of the street!

Buddhist temples are always cool to visit for their unique design and architecture, but Thai Buddhist temples have a completely different feel than say, a Korean or Chinese inspired Buddhist temple.  Thai inspired temples for Buddha are incredibly ornate and wildly colorful.  Gold flakes placed by worshipers often cover the Buddha idols, while their temple buildings are bright hues of golds, yellows, and reds.  Greens and blues can also be discovered in the crevices of the two-dimensional woodcarvings that are found on the doors and doorframes.

Look at all the color!

Front Door of main temple building.

Looking out the front door.

The main temple building on this Buddhist campus held a large seated golden Buddha.  The idol sat between two smaller standing idols and a picture of an esteemed monk at one end of a long, otherwise empty red-carpeted room.

Seated Buddha has some nice throw rugs.

You can see some of the gold flakes worshipers have put on Buddha's hand.

The resident monks seemed to be scarce at this time of the day, but we did find a couple of them having conversation under the shade of a tree.  They were both happy to let me take their picture, unfortunately only one photo came out decent:

Resident Monk

We didn’t want to go back to Kata at the same speed we came to Phuket Town, so we flagged down a Tuk Tuk and after bartering down a hundred and fifty Baht from the original offer, Jill and I hopped in the back of this small red mode of transport.  Note: ALWAYS barter and decide your price before you get in a Tuk Tuk, otherwise you’ll be charged much more than usual.

Tuk Tuk's are the primary taxi service in Phuket.

When we got in, we realized the driver had his whole family in the vehicle.  His wife was in the front seat with him, and his two young children were in the back with us!  The little boy was extroverted and reached out his arm for a handshake, and introduced himself.  “I’m James, and I’m seven years old.”  He was very serious about selling himself as confident.  His younger sister followed suit, and said her name was Jenny and that she was five.  James was fond of Spiderman as was evident by his shirt and shoes that were plastered with the superhero.  By the time Jill and I were dropped off, we had to peel off the imaginary spider webs that James had shot in our direction.  His younger sister was a happy and alert little girl who liked to sit as close as she could to her brother.

James spraying imaginary spider webs, and his sister Jenny sitting close.

Thirty minutes later we were back at Southern Fried Rice Guesthouse.  We freshened up before going back out for dinner.  We found a place that looked promising but we were disappointed for a second meal in a row.  It didn’t help that Jill still wasn’t at her best health, and I had begun to feel sick myself.

Later that night as I tried to ignore my own queasy stomach, Jill and I were worried that we’d loose another day due to illness.  We were even more stressed about the fact that the next morning we were scheduled to take a ferry to the Phi Phi Islands for two days on an island where there are no roads and no cars.

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