Thailand: Day 3

Thailand: Day 3

As the end of the last post suggested, Jill had come down with some sickness probably due to something she ate.  The stomach flu had taken its control and so we were bound to stay at our guesthouse our third day in Thailand.

With Jill not feeling well, I tried to do my best to take care of her, and make sure she stayed hydrated between her long naps and TV shows.  Last night, I went to the pharmacy and they gave me some drugs to help with her symptoms, so every mealtime I tried to encourage her to eat so she could take the drugs.

In the morning, I ordered some breakfast from Anunya downstairs, and we ate outside on our room’s balcony.  For lunch, I asked Anunya for the best thing on the menu for an upset stomach, and she suggested the rice chicken soup.  I ordered Pad Thai for myself.  The Pad Thai was some of the best I’d had, and Jill was successful in getting some or her rice chicken soup down.

My Pad Thai and a bottle of orange Fanta, and Jill's rice chicken soup. Eating in!

After lunch, Jill’s flu seemed to be taking a turn for the better, and she was in good spirits, but still wanted to take it easy, hoping that tomorrow she’d be well enough to get out of our guesthouse.  Since she was feeling better, and I was anxious to get out of our room, she said she’d be fine if I went out and did some exploring.

I was happy to get outside, but I was still sad for Jill and our lost day, so I didn’t go very far for very long.  But I did take my camera with me and tried to shoot the streets around Kata beach:

Phuket Apartments



Drying in the sun.

Art taped to a door.

Mail Box

Bloom on a hilltop

When I got back, it was getting close to dinner, so I ordered some rice soup for Jill and took it up to the room.  She ate even more than at lunch (because I made her eat at least twenty bites, haha)!

When we went to bed, we were just praying that tomorrow she’d feel well enough to take in more of Thailand.

Note: for those who may travel to Thailand, it may be a good idea to go vegetarian while you’re there.  They aren’t as habitual about keeping their meats refrigerated (and their bodies have a stronger tolerance for keeping food that way).  I think we learned the hard way.

One thought on “Thailand: Day 3

  1. Sad we lost a day…but thanks for taking care of me! i was happy that we had a TV in the room that had English channels! 🙂

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