After much deliberation…

I’ve decided to start blogging again.  I took A LOT of time off from it because I was concerned about my motivations in doing it.  As I considered why I was writing, I realized it was for a sense of worth–to hopefully impress people so they’ll like me more.  I know it seems trivial and self-indulgent, but I confess I can be very self-centered and shallow.

But after praying about it and talking with people I trust, and hearing from people back home who want more updates into our lives here in Korea I think it would be selfish not to continue blogging.  I’m trying to approach my reemergence in the blogging sphere as an opportunity to share life with others.  I don’t have anything particularly special to say.  I’m not the best writer in the world, but I will write to share, and that’s it.

I do hope whoever likes to follow our lives together will join in the conversation because it’s terribly boring to write on a one-way street.



P.S. Be looking for a day-by-day post of our recent vacation to Phuket (pronounced Pooket) and Phi Phi Don, Thailand.

3 thoughts on “After much deliberation…

  1. Hey Andy,
    After I read your blog I started thinking a lot about my motives. I have realized in the last few years that I absolutely love to help people, especially those who are hurting. It brings me such joy to bring any kind of comfort to someone. BUT, then I started thinking about the motive…do I enjoy it because it makes me feel good, makes me feel useful? I have come to the conclusion that while my motives might not always be pure, I am human, I think Satan is the one that often brings that question to my mind. What if I, like you, questioned my motives to the point that I stop doing what I have been called to do…then Satan would have succeeded. I have watched a little boy become a man and without a shadow of doubt in my mind you have always put a lot of thought into the words that you speak. You have always, even as a child, been very contemplative. You are a man of few words…BUT they are always words that you have thought deeply about. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t ever stop sharing your heart. XO Mom
    P.S. Nothing on this earth blesses a mother’s heart more than to see that God has answered her prayers…I see that in you & Jill.

    • Thanks mom, that means a lot to hear from you. You know, even though I’m an adult, married, living and working in another country doesn’t mean I don’t still need and want your affirmation and encouragement. That said, thank you so much.


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