Elections are coming…

Korea will hold elections on June 2nd, and in traditional Korea style, candidates must go big, or go home.  I’m not real sure about the details of who’s running (I obviously can’t vote), but I do know I’ll probably enjoy the competition if it continues like what I experienced today on my bus ride to school.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I stared out the windows at the comedy on the street corners.  However, the Koreans on the bus  didn’t seem to see the humor in it.

On all the major intersections, on each of the four corners, there were candidates blasting music, and Korean women waving banners and the international “Peace” sign.  I just couldn’t help but laugh.  They all had these trucks with a giant picture of the candidate, and they all had banners, and they all had women waving the peace sign, while blasting music at people driving and walking by.  A different candidate on each corner trying to get your attention.  It made me smile.  Oh Korea…

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