Korean Folk Village

With the warm weather, Jill and I are trying to do more traveling on our weekends off.  The nice thing about South Korea being about the size of Indiana, but with superior public transportation, is that it is so easy (and relatively cheap) to travel!  We can hop on the bullet train and be on the southern coast in Busan in three hours if we wanted.  So Jill and I try to take every opportunity to get out and take in Korean culture.

Just recently we took an hour-long subway ride to a city called Suwon.  Besides being a bigger city than Cheonan (where we live) there is a great (and large) Korean folk village there.  The village is a life-size recreation of a traditional Korean village.  The village attempts to re-create life and culture as it was before Korea became a developed country.  Wealthy and poor housing and architecture are displayed as well as religious sites;  traditional food is available for eating;  Koreans in traditional dress are working at traditional Korean craft, and musicians and dancers can be seen at certian parts of the day.  It was kind of like going back in time…

It was a great way to take in Korean culture, and see Koreans as they lived and interacted in the not so long ago past.

It was also a photographer’s paradise!  I had such a great time exploring the village and shooting the environment and people.  At one point, I broke off from the group and followed a trail up a mountain where I found a Buddhist temple (still in use) and there were almost no people around, so I got some awesome shots!

Here are a few of the pics I took.  If you want to see the full album, check it out on FB, my Flickr account, or simply by clicking the link “A Korean Folk Village” on the right side of the window.

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