Busy but fun weekend…first day of class: March 2nd

“On March 1, 1919, the Korean people rose against Japanese colonial rule, which had existed in Korea since the annexation of 1910. The holiday remembers the non-violent, peaceful independence demonstrations which began on that day. The demonstrations went on around the country for another three months, with approximately two million people participating.”

The Japanese held a ruthless rule over Korea, attempting to stamp out all Korean culture. Korean language, names, food, and many other things Korean were forbidden. I think it a beautiful and amazing thing that the Korean’s non-violent resistance earned them back their independence.

So this weekend we had a three day weekend because of Independence Day. It was a busy, but fun weekend. Friday night we celebrated one of the English teacher’s birthdays at a Noraebong (Karaoke bar). Saturday, some of us went into Seoul to do some school shopping. Sunday we went to our new church, and relaxed, and Monday Jill and I and our new friend Ben went to Costco! Whew!

At the Noraebong, there were around 12 of us packed into this small room with a disco ball, big screen TV and great surround sound. Most of us got our turn to sing our hearts out. My personal song was “Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas. I especially like attempting to hit Fergie’s high notes.

Seoul was awesome! I finally experienced a little bit of life in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. We were shopping for dress clothes for school, so we stayed in one of the shopping districts. There were so many people that I was almost always touching or running into someone. H&M had a grand opening while we were there. Ribbon cutting, fashion celebrities, and the red carpets were all rolled out. I wasn’t even going to attempt to wait in the line to get in. My favorite part of Seoul was the people watching. I can’t wait to go back and do some more site seeing.

Being used to a Western diet, Jill and I have struggled to find food at the grocery store that we can make meals out of. So we took our BIGGEST suitcase and went on a 45 minute train to Costco and stocked up on food we are used to.

It’s been a great weekend, but now tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for since we arrived in Korea. We start teaching on March 2nd, the b
eginning of the school year for Korean students. Jill and I are both really excited and anxious because we aren’t completely sure what to expect. But the adventure of it is more motivating than the fear that makes us not want to do it. I can’t wait to get to know my Korean students, and build relationships with my Korean co-teachers!

Please pray for us this week as we start our new jobs! I’ve posted a few pics from Seoul. I have a bunch more on Facebook!

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