New Tastes!

One of the major parts of culture adjustment are all the new tastes. If you’ve grown up your whole life around food from the West (as I have), then being immersed in foods from the East can be challenging. Drinks are often the same way. My favorite thing to do right now is try new drinks. I have tried one drink that is produced by the Coca-Cola company called “Fanta-shakers” that I really like. It is a drink that you have to shake, and then when you open it, you drink down what feels like carbonated jello. It is part liquid, part solid. Another drink that I’ve found that I like is called 포 카 리 스 우ㅔ 트 which is called in English “Pocari Sweat.” It is kind of like a Gatorade type of drink, but its flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. The English translation would obviously make it difficult to sell in English speaking nations. But if you understand it as a drink for people who are playing a sport and sweating, it makes more sense. It is an “ion supply drink.” It is not a drink with sweat in it…which is what an English speaker would probably imply. My advice to anyone who travels outside of their country who wants to experience the culture: try whatever new food/drink item that you can!

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