Buddhist Temple

Today we had a day off, and some of us decided to go into the mountains of Cheonan and visit a Buddhist temple. It was such a blessing because I got to do what I love to do–take pictures. Often when I go out to take photographs I have a difficult time because I can’t concentrate, or I’m distracted by something. But if I’m able to focus, photography becomes an act of contemplation for me. If I’m able to come into this place of concentration, I feel like my soul is being nourished by the simple, yet difficult ebb and flow of capturing the right light and composition in a photograph. I find myself noticing the world not just as some material object, but rather infused with light and glory. What if our lives were really just a representation of how we choose to see the world? What if we could change our lives by choosing to see differently? I think God gave me a love for photography for this reason: to bask in, and point towards His creative glory; and to learn to see differently…the way He sees. I’ve posted a few photos of what I took today. You can see the whole album on my Facebook page.

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