Visa arrival!!

I woke up this morning to my alarm clock, and my stomach immediately jumped into my throat as my thoughts stressed over the fact that we still haven’t received our visas in the mail. We had been approved for our visas last Friday after our interviews in Chicago, but we still had to wait for the visas to be processed, then shipped to us.

During my morning prayers, I gave these thoughts of worry and doubt over to God, and placed our lives back into His hands, trusting that His will (no matter what happened) was best. He was faithful to give me peace that surpassed understanding.
At 10am, Jill saw the FedEx truck pulling up and said, “get your shoes on and run out and meet the deliverer!” In my excitement, I left my shoes behind, and ran outside in my socks to meet the driver. I felt like a school boy on Christmas morning as she handed me the envelope with our visas inside!
I came inside and opened the envelope with Jill, and there they were, little pieces of paper attached to our passports that say, “you can work in Korea (in more official words of course)!”
We praised God for helping us overcome the last hurdle in our way to working as English teachers in South Korea.

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