Buddha’s wisdom

A contemporary Buddhist parable:

“One day the Buddha, badly overweight, was sitting under a tree. A young soldier, trim and handsome, came along, looked at the Buddha, and said: “You look like a pig!” The Buddha replied: “Well you like God!” “Why did you sat that?” asked the rather surprised young soldier. “Well,” replied the Buddha, “we see what’s inside us. I think about God all day and when I look out that is what I see. You, obviously, must think about other things…”

What do you think about?

It is interesting that Christ claimed that whatever we do for the down and out (the ones the world disregards as poor, dirty, unattractive, homeless, unintelligent and without value), we do for him. If we feed the hungry, we are feeding Christ. If we give clothes to the naked, we are clothing Christ. If we respect and love those that the world deems unlovable, we are respecting and loving Christ. The parable of the Buddha reminds us to take a second look at the people we disregard, because we may be disregarding God the Son.

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