I’ve decided to start blogging!

I am often wrestling with my thoughts.  As my worldview is challenged by a book, or a person, or an experience, I have no choice but to re-evaluate my pre-conceived perspectives if I am to continue to evolve and grow and act as a human being.

I’ve titled my blog “Till We Have Faces” based off the book by C.S. Lewis: Till We Have Faces, a Myth Retold.  This book has had a profound impact on my understandings of life.  It is a book of love on  a journey.  The climax of the book is a powerful reminder that what we think we know about ourselves, and others cannot be truly known “till we have faces.”  To quote directly from the book: 
“I saw well why the gods do not speak to us openly, nor let us answer.  Till that word can be dug out us, why should they hear the babble that we think we mean?  How can they meet us face to face till we have faces?”
Further, I subtitled my blog “Thoughts and experiences on The Way.”  The earliest Christ followers were known as people on “The Way.”  I am a follower of Christ on a journey.  I do not have all the answers, nor am I perfect, but I do align myself unabashedly with the Way of Christ, and his life, death, and resurrection.  
Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the purpose of continual wrestling, that I, and anyone involved in the conversation can better learn what it means to walk in the Way of love and solidarity with humankind and creation.  The hope is that as we wrestle and journey, we will find our true faces.

6 thoughts on “I’ve decided to start blogging!

  1. Andy, I love the idea of this blog. I’m really busy lately with school, but if you continue to blog I’ll try to keep up with it just as much as I would facebook or any other distractions from schoolwork, lol. I have had very mixed feelings as of recent. In the last year I have church hopped between three different Nazarene churches. They all are well and good, but the sermons at any of the three always seem too surface. I’ve gone to a christian church since I was born. I can recall a good deal of the stories from the Bible. When I go to church I don’t ever hear anything that provokes thought. It’s as if the sermons were all directed at new believers or first timers. I’m not saying that the sermons don’t offer great biblical reminders, but I get bored with hearing familiar material. I guess if I was really concerned I’d make time for a home group or something (Don’t really feel I have the time for it right now). These are my feelings as of recent. A question I have… it seems as if the Nazarene pastors i have encountered use a lot of speculation in their sermons. They may refer to a passage or two from the bible, but then the rest of the sermon is application. They don’t go too deep into the theology of things. Is this normal for all pastors or are Nazarene pastors taught to be like this in seminary? Maybe pastors do it regardless of being Nazarene, Baptist, non denom, etc. I don’t know. I may be off base, but these are the thoughts that run through my head. It is a continual wrestling!- Jeff

  2. Part of the problem that many pastors have to deal with when preaching is that there are a whole slew of different people on different walks of life on any given Sunday. Therefore, they have to attempt to write sermons that are general enough to not be over the heads of new believers, yet also deep enough to feed those who have been on the journey for a long time. Yet, I would also agree with you that many pastors are just preaching surface level stuff. I don’t think it is particular to Nazarene pastors, and I haven’t been taught to preach the way you describe, but I would agree with you that much of what is taught is wishy-washy, and has little relevance, and fails often to challenge or provoke change. In the same breath, I would challenge you, even in your busyness to find a place that does challenge you, and make it a priority, because our life in God has to come before everything else, or the external things loose any sort of purpose and direction. If your willing to travel about 30 minutes, I can give you some places to check out, that I know have pastors that preach sermons that will challenge you (because they challenge me). Here is just a quick list:Jacob’s WellRainbow Church of the Nazarene (on Rainbow Blvd)Riverfront Church of the Nazarene (they meet at 5:30pm in the Crossroads district)Also, the restlessness that you are experiencing is something that is common among many in our generation. Things are changing, and God is at work changing the way many do church. To be honest, I would probably shoot myself in the foot if I had to continue going to or doing church they way I’ve grown up doing it. I think the biggest key is to get out of your comfort zone. That’s why Jill and I are at True Light Church on 31st street.

  3. Jeff, I forgot to mention one other church that I believe extremely highly in, and it is closer to you: Gardner Trinity Family Church of the Nazarene (obviously in Gardner) The pastor Donnie Miller is a prophetic voice. The things he has to say are powerful and sometimes so challenging that people have left that church because his words made them uncomfortable. But they are doing things at that church that are so reflective of God’s kingdom. If your looking to be challenged to grow, and looking for an awesome community (with great musicians) go check that place out. Their link is: http://www.trinityfamilyonline.com/Peace and Love

  4. Andy, I understand that you feel your generation is experiencing restlessness, however, I believe that this restlessness extends beyond just your generation. I, too, have been restless and know of others my age who feel the same. For sometime now I have felt that there is something amiss with the church…what???…I don’t know. I think this is part of the reason it has been hard for me to step back in. I am grateful for the church and what I’ve learned there, it is what my foundation is built upon. However, I have learned so much from you and the many books I’ve read (most of which were recommended by you) that have opened my mind and expanded my heart–far beyond what I thought imaginable. I am sure that change is on the horizon and it will likely come with your generation. I believe that God has great things in store for you and Jill…I’m excited to see where He takes you. You are a precious son and I am a grateful mother.

  5. Mom, sorry, no offense to exclude your generation. The authors that have influenced me were people from your generation! I just wonder what the church could look like. If I know one thing, I think the church of the new generation will have a much strong emphasis on “the priesthood of all believers” rather than a select few who perform ministry functions. I think you should re check out Trinity Family in Gardner. They are thinking in ways very few churches are, and doing things few church are as well. Love you.

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